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GreHack will take place in the city of Grenoble, France. Grenoble is the capital of the department of Isère, with about 157,000 inhabitants — 550,000 taking into account the metropolitan area. It is located in a valley surrounded by nearby mountains (the Chartreuse Mountains to the north, the Belledonne range to the east, and the Vercors Plateau to the west and south) that make Grenoble known as being the "Capital of Alps".

Conference & CTF/Workshops site

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  • GreHack 2016 Conference will take place at Amphithéâtre A.022 Louis Néel of Ensimag, Grenoble (France).
  • CTF and workshops will stand in Bat.H of Ensimag. It is the building next to the conference site (at the east).

To come to Grenoble Campus:

Note. Tram tickets must be bought before getting in the tram. Vending machines are available at every tramstation. Same tickets are valid for both tram and bus. A single ticket costs 1,50€ and lasts one hour. More information about public transportation in Grenoble can be found here.

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For touristic and practical information about Grenoble, please visit the following websites:



Name Distance to GreHack Location Reservation Price
hotel F1 ~1-2km map
near Gières train station
B tram: Mayencin - Champ Roman
website ~30€
Première Classe ~1-2km map
near Gières train station
B tram: Gières - Plaine des Sports
website ~35€
Hotel Trianon ~5km map
Between B, C and E trams
tel: +33.476.462.162
Ibis Styles ~5km map
near Grenoble train station
B tram: Alsace - Lorraine
tel: +33.476.431.027
Hotel Terminus ~6km map
near Grenoble train station
B tram: Grenoble - Gares
tel: +33.476.872.433
Hotel d'Angleterre ~5km map
Grenoble Hyper-Centre
B tram: Victor Hugo
tel: +33.438.884.040

Hotels near tram stops

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