Sold out

October 16th, 2017
{ Conference + Workshops }, { Conference + Workshops + CTF }, { Workshops + CTF } and students tickets are sold out for this edition! There will be no other batch of tickets this year.


September 29th, 2017
Program is out, go discover the GreHack'17 conferences and workshops.

GreHack 2017 Challenge

September 1st, 2017
We have released the GreHack 2017 Challenge named Random Memories. Tickets for GreHack 2017 and awesome GreHack sweat-shirts will be offered to the quickest pwners. So go pwn.

Save the date for GreHack 2017

February 17th, 2017
The 5th edition of GreHack will hold on November 17th, 2017 in Grenoble, France.


GreHack 2017 is thankful to the following entities to help us make this event live another year.

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