{ Conference + Workshops }, { Conference + Workshops + CTF }, { Workshops + CTF } and students tickets are sold out for this edition! There will be no other batch of tickets this year.

Important information:
  • We expect you to be aware of our Code of Conduct.
  • Tickets are nominative.
  • Workshop capacities are limited, so be quick to register.
  • You can only attend one workshop.
  • Your participation to a workshop will be confirmed by email (within a week).
  • For student tickets, a certificate (for 2017/2018) will be required the day of the event.
  • Sweatshirts must be ordered before October 15th, 2017. They will not be available for sale on the day of the event.
  • Sweatshirts must be picked up on the day of the event. They will not be sent.
Ticketing Weezevent

Direct link to the ticketing system


Following prices will stand:
Class Price
Sweatshirt GreHack 2017 20.17€
Conference + Workshops 68.17€
Conference + Workshops + CTF 69.17€
Conference + Workshops (student) 18.17€
Conference + Workshops + CTF (student) 19.17€
Workshops + CTF 9.17€
Securimag Benefactor 299.17€



Included in Conference tickets:
  • Access to the conference during the day
  • Breakfast before the beginning of the conference (server on location from 8:30am)
  • Lunch (server on location at around 12:45am)
  • Cocktail (server on location after the conference, around 5:30pm)
  • A ticket for the conference automatically gives access to the workshops that will occur during the evening
  • Warning - This year, CTF is not included by default to the conference ticket. Beware and take a { Conference + Workshops + CTF } ticket if you want to attend


Included in Workshops tickets: This year, all workshops will take place after the conference and before the CTF. For practical reasons, you'll be asked at registration time what workshop you want to attend (three choices, ordered by preference). As long as there is room left for your first choice we will confirm quickly your registration to the workshop. Beware of the following points:

For these two reasons, be quick to register (first in => first in).


Included in CTF tickets:

Securimag Benefactor

Included in Securimag Benefactor tickets: