We are pleased to announce the program of GreHack'18. A more precise schedule will be published in a few days.
(invited talk) Pwn a SAP System... then what ? Yvan Genuer
(invited talk) Screaming Channels: When Electromagnetic Side Channels Meet Radio Transceivers Marius Muench
The Evolution of GandCrab Ransomware Tamas Boczan
ROPGenerator: practical automated ROP-Chain generation Boyan Milanov
Abusing privileged file manipulation Clement Lavoillotte
Trap your Keyboard 101 Marion Lafon
Analyzing Ultrasound-based Physical Tracking Systems Mathieu Cunche and Leonardo Cardoso
Bridging the gap between Secure Hardware and Open Source Charles Guillemet
Detecting all type of illegal Access Points on enterprise networks Yunfei Yang